About me.自我介紹:葉育綺 About me. 自我介紹 My name is Maggie(葉育綺). I am 膠原蛋白a girl and I’m eleven years old. My telephone number is *******. I like to seoeat fruit. My birthday is in September 22th. There are five members in my 關鍵字廣告family. I like pink and yellow. I always go to school on foot, and I am in 關鍵字行銷grade four. I have eight classmates. I live in Alian and my home is 網路行銷comfortable. My mother is a principal, my father is an engineer, and my 關鍵字排名sister and I are students. My favorite sport is badminton and my favorite 酒店經紀subjects are English and Chinese. I like to watch TV, play the piano and play 酒店工作computer games, but I don’t like to take a test and write homework.

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